We think bundled pricing can create huge savings for our clients. Here’s why. If you go out to eat and order a pizza and a drink, you pay for it all at once and you’re done. But if you’re subjected to the current pricing model of most hospitals and out-patient facilities, you’d be charged separately for everything. Then, the staff would spend 30-45 days analyzing the particular intricacies of your meal before billing you. 

HealthSmart is helping our customers save money through SmartChoice, which uses a bundled pricing strategy. This program provides one consolidated bill for services which includes the facility, the surgeon and the anesthesia costs, all at a reduced rate. Bundled pricing is also called value-based pricing; it also motivates providers to work across the medical continuum to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital rather than just treat their medical problems.

SmartChoice offers access to 12 facilities in the state of Oklahoma and covers procedures such as cataract surgery, colonoscopies, mastectomies and joint replacements. This is just the start of what will be a national program.

We’re working to bring logic and common sense back into healthcare. A surgical procedure may not be as enjoyable as going out to eat, but with SmartChoice you’ll be in better shape to afford both. 

Learn how the City of Yukon, Oklahoma is lowering the cost of their healthcare.