Early Intervention Maternity Management, often referred to as our Mother and Child Program, provides early identification of potential risk factors and helps expectant mothers take measures to ensure a healthy delivery and a healthy baby. Nearly one-quarter of all pregnant women face factors that threaten the health of both mother and baby. Our early intervention maternity screening program can anticipate such medical complications and avert them, as well as the often-staggering medical costs that can follow. Throughout the program, which is designed as a member advocacy program and a resource for expectant families, the patient will have access to a toll-free pregnancy information line staffed by maternity R.N. specialists. Research studies have reported approximate savings of $3.60 per employee per month by preventing preterm births and other complications from pregnancy, following the implementation of a managed maternity program.

Our Maternity Management program is a complete approach to managing healthcare costs for expectant mothers. Maternal health and prenatal care is important for infant health as well. The Maternity Management program can moderate the costs associated with complications of high risk pregnancies. These statistics indicate the education and intervention needed to improve outcomes:

  • 12.1% of women do not receive adequate prenatal care
  • 7.6% of infants are born with a low birthweight
  • 40% of low birthweight infants have two readmissions within the first year
  • 11% of all deliveries are preterm

Childbirth related expenses are among the highest costs encountered by an employer group and payor. Our program is designed to improve pregnancy outcomes by utilizing the following resources:

  • experienced Registered Nurses
  • coordination of care
  • alternative and community care
  • individually tailored plan of care
  • lifestyle and prenatal education
  • educational material discussing prenatal care, trimester expectations, and newborn care
  • collaboration with attending physician

The goal of our Maternity Management program is to decrease preterm and complicated births, resulting in improved maternal and infant health as well as decreased costs and hospital readmissions. To improve outcomes, we provide the following services:

  • early intervention and management of high risk pregnancy
  • early notification of high risk pregnancy
  • monitoring of low risk pregnancies for complications
  • detailed monthly reports
  • cost containment
  • coordination of care