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Population Health Initiatives

Our approach to disease management for better member engagement

Members with chronic conditions have a significant impact on healthcare costs. Identifying these members and getting them to act is challenging, to say the least.

Person exercising with weightsIncorporating risk stratification and forecasting tools, our data-centric Predictive Population Management program addresses growing healthcare costs and progressive health issues in members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure and COPD.

Our clinical team of registered nurses, registered master-level dietitians, pharmacists and health coaches use a member’s unique risk profile to develop care plans and goals with the member’s total health status in mind. Integration with case management allows for proactive intervention with members at growing or acute risk. We also assist our clients in developing incentive strategies that will promote participation and get results.

  • Identification and stratification of members with chronic illness
  • Evidence-based medicine guidelines and monitoring
  • Regular contact with registered nurses and master's-level dietitians
  • Develop and support lifestyle modifications
  • Care coordination and strategic reporting

Keeping members healthy while managing costs is a common goal among our clients. HealthSmart’s Population Management Initiatives helps manage members with chronic conditions, and identify those at risk to avoid future health issues.