HealthSmart RBP Webinar Recording

SmartDecision: HealthSmart’s Comprehensive Approach to
Reference Based Pricing

Recorded Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Program Length: 60 minutes

SmartDecision: HealthSmart's Comprehensive Approach to Reference Based Pricing

Standard PPO plans are not keeping up with controlling the rising cost of healthcare benefits. SmartDecision, HealtlhSmart's comprehensive approach to Reference Based Pricing, can help.

Unlike traditional PPO's, which reimburse hospitals based on discounts from billed charges, Reference Based Pricing reimburses hospitals on a multiple of Medicare. The result is better control over the cost of care.

Watch this recording of an informative webinar that addressed the challenges of the most complicated cases, and our innovative approaches to controlling treatment costs. In this session, you will learn:
  • How a Reference Based Pricing program compares to traditional PPO networks;
  • How SmartDecision protects members from balance billing across their RBP solution;
  • How bundled pricing for non-urgent episodes of care, inclusive of facility, professional and ancillary fees create higher value for self-funded plans in select coverage areas; and
  • How pricing and quality transparency matched with technology and clinical judgement deliver overall average savings of 70 percent or more from billed charges