HealthSmart Launches MyDecision™

HealthSmart Launches MyDecision™

Release date: 2/5/2016

New program provides significant reduction in the cost of healthcare benefits

MyDecision™ empowers employers and organizations with the tools and information to lower the costs, and increase the impact of their healthcare benefits.

MyDecision™ combines three elements to cut the cost of providing employee healthcare benefits by as much as 22%:

  • Price and quality transparency
  • Bundled pricing through partnership with high quality providers
  • Member engagement and guidance

“By providing price and quality transparency, member guidance and bundled pricing for common procedures such as hip replacements, MRIs, colonoscopies and cataract surgery, MyDecision™ allows program members to locate high quality care at much lower costs to both patients and their employers,” notes Mark Stadler, HealthSmart’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We offer a fundamentally different approach from traditional insurance carriers to the challenge of providing an effective healthcare benefit.”

“We give program members the opportunity to understand and control how their healthcare dollars are spent and we work with quality providers to negotiate prices that bundle all of the charges associated with pre- and post-procedure care,” said Jake Frost, HealthSmart Vice President. “By actively engaging plan members and incentivizing them to choose the most cost-effective solution, participants can often access high quality care with no out-of-pocket expense.”

MyDecision™ is the evolution of the SmartChoice program—which has been used in Oklahoma City since March of 2014 and has provided impressive advantages to participating organizations and their members. HealthSmart will be offering a series of seminars that explain the benefits of MyDecision™. These breakfast meetings will also include case studies that detail the results of the program’s impact.

HealthSmart has partnered with Healthcare Bluebook of Brentwood, TN and BridgeHealth of Denver, CO. in the development of MyDecision™.