How We Help

Care Management

Integrated clinical solutions designed to fit your populations

HealthSmart Care Management TeamHealthSmart’s Care Management Solutions offers fully integrated, comprehensive care management products and services. With tailor-made solutions, our clients can provide the most appropriate and cost-effective healthcare for their entire population — not just the healthy individuals who need to stay that way, but those at risk who need to improve their health and those who need to effectively manage their chronic conditions.

Our HealthSmart Care Management team are experts at managing populations with unique risk profiles and socio-economic concerns that influence health. By integrating our services, clients can optimize communication and effectiveness in moving the member through the care continuum to receive the right care at the right place at the right time.

  • Minimize healthcare costs
  • Improve health and productivity of members
  • Improve member moral
  • Custom solutions that are flexible and scalable

We all know improving member health and keeping members healthy is the key to lowering costs. With our integrated approach and commitment to achieving high employee engagement, we help clients stay ahead of the ever-rising costs of healthcare.