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Health Plan Brokers

Working with brokers to create innovative, custom solutions for self-funded employers

brokers.jpgBrokers, as well as distribution partners and consultants, play a critical role in helping self-insured employers find affordable health coverage for their employees and dependents. The true value they bring is with ability to find creative, customized plans that meet an employer’s specific needs. Employers also look to brokers to educate their teams about their health coverage.

Employers look to brokers to find the best solutions out there, and it’s not easy. HealthSmart is a true partner for brokers by enabling them to offer powerful health coverage. We do this by giving brokers a strong, flexible portfolio of solutions from a single partner.

HealthSmart delivers:

Brokers want to bring the best solutions to their clients that meet their specific needs. In every broker partnership, HealthSmart is committed to deliver the very best solutions in the market for brokers to bring to their clients.

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