Service Centers

Online access to tools for members, employers, providers and payers

Visit our service centers to get the information you need, when you need it. Here, you'll find online tools for members, students, providers, employers and health plans. View claims information, check eligiblity, find participating providers, download new membership cards, request EOBs and much more!

Service Centers


Member Center

Real-time, online access to your benefits information – whenever you need it, day or night. You can review your benefits, view claims, print ID cards and more!


Student Member Center

For university and college students attending a school using student services from HealthSmart, access to your health information is easy!


Employer Center

For employer HR executives, plan sponsors and benefit administrators, access to real-time, online benefits information is just a click away.


Provider Center

Online provider access to member health benefits and claims information.


Payer Center

Claims inquiries, appeals and other tools for HealthSmart payer clients.