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HSRx Pharmacy Benefit Management

Integrated pharmacy benefit management solution to improve health with more affordable prescriptions

Integrated pharmacy benefit management for better health and affordable prescription medications

Pharmacy benefits are among the most widely used health plan benefits. But rising costs can put prescription drugs out of reach or create economic hardship for members. It can also have devastating impacts on plan sponsors’ bottom lines.

HealthSmartRx Solutions Pharmacy Benefit ManagementHealthSmartRx Solutions delivers cost-effective Pharmacy Benefit Management plans through an integrated, objective, and independent approach.

Powered by one of the largest pharmacy benefit management organizations in the United States, HSRx Solutions provides access to preferred retail chain networks and the most cost-effective pharmacy plans available.

HSRx Solutions designs and administers prior authorization, drug utilization review and independent clinical oversight services. We also offer integrated care management, competitive discounts, rebates, targeted therapy management programs for specialty drugs, and retail network alliances.

HealthSmartRx Solutions Pharmacy Benefit Management Solves:

  • Reduces prescription drug spending by up to 15%
  • Contains costs through 80% generic drug substitution rates
  • Provides 24-hour access to eligibility information, claims history and forms through a member portal
  • Educate members and improve medication adherence through access to skilled pharmacy technicians
  • Delivers cost savings of up to 17% on total specialty medication spending
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