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Network Solutions

Flexible, affordable networks to meet the unique needs of our clients

The health benefit needs of employers are not one-size-fits-all. Benefit administrators have unique needs, risk situations and budget constraints when making decisions about their health plans. While there are many options available, solutions with limited flexibility are not only frustrating, but don’t deliver what an employer really needs for their employees. At HealthSmart, we have a better approach.

  • Flexible, customizable network solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients
  • Nationwide network coverage
  • Unique network offerings, such as out-of-network, workers’ compensation, dental and auto medical

At HealthSmart, we believe flexibility delivers the right solutions to clients and their employees. Clients can pick and choose the solutions they need with limited requirements. Employers, consultants and administrators are able to customize a plan that delivers access and quality to employees while providing the best value.

HealthSmart Network Solutions


HealthSmart Preferred

Flexible PPO solution at affordable price


Health Payers Organization (HPO)

Comprehensive out-of-network solution


National Ancillary Solution

Lower Your Healthcare Spend with Ancillary Care Services


Physician and Ancillary Network

Flexible savings complements an RBP plan


HealthSmart Workers’ Compensation

Better access to affordable care to get people back to work


HealthSmart Auto Medical Solutions

Broad access to cost-efficient care for trauma-related injuries


HealthSmart Dental California

PPO network of over 5,000 participating dentists at more than 10,000 locations