February 2021

Rare, severe and chronic conditions are often treated using specialty pharmaceuticals, which may be delivered by infusion in the home or institutional settings. Specialty pharmaceuticals, however, can be extremely expensive, creating financial hardships for members and plan sponsors. HealthSmartRx Solutions can help members navigate available financial assistance programs, resulting in cost savings, better clinical outcomes and higher member satisfaction.  Learn More

When the world first became aware of a new virus with a potential global impact, little did we realize how much it would change our personal and work lives. From the outset, we knew our focus needed to be on helping our clients navigate COVID-19 with information and resources. We also knew we needed to focus on the safety of our staff to ensure we would be able to continue to operate to meet our clients’ needs. Learn more about how HealthSmart is managing our staff’s health and safety needs to avoid potential impacts on our operations.