June 2022

HealthSmart Launches SmartCare in DFW and Houston

6/8/2022 7:35:21 AM

HealthSmart Launches SmartCare in DFW and Houston

A new level-funded health plan is now available to North Texas and Houston employers thanks to HealthSmart, one of the nation’s largest third party administrators. DFW SmartCare and Houston SmartCare are comprehensive level-funded health plans that offer market-leading discounts to DFW-area and Houston-area small to mid-sized employers. DFW SmartCare features access to the Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance, a clinically integrated network of hospitals, facilities, and doctors that members can access through Employers Health Network (EHN). Houston SmartCare features access to a narrow network of highly respected providers across the Houston metropolitan area.

HealthSmart launched the original concept for SmartCare in Florida last year with the introduction of Orlando SmartCare. The concept embodies HealthSmart’s innovative approach to reducing the cost of providing affordable, high-quality health plans. Based on the success it has enjoyed in central Florida, HealthSmart decided to expand the concept to North Texas and the Houston area.

The SmartCare plans in DFW and Houston deliver a transparent, all-inclusive model that offers predictable costs through a level-funded plan with no additional risk for employers. The plans feature significantly lower premiums than mainstream, fully-insured programs. Both plans also prevent price shocks for plan sponsors by locking in rates for two years as well as comprehensive stop-loss coverage through Elan Re. Out-of-market coverage options are also available. The DFW and Houston SmartCare plans can be tailored to serve groups as small as 25 employees.

“We are pleased to bring this quality, cost-savings approach to DFW and Houston,” says Marc Zech, HealthSmart’s executive vice president of networks and strategic markets. “We have seen Orlando area small to mid-sized employers embrace the SmartCare concept. Based on our experience in Florida, we have fine-tuned the SmartCare plans we are rolling out to Texas. These more finely tailored plans can go head-to-head with major national carriers because they integrate the keys to success – high quality, lower prices, and superior customer service. SmartCare is also a game-changer for the broker community in terms of providing quality healthcare options with deep discounts. We are fortunate to be partnering with some of the leading health systems in Texas.”

Brokers, employers and plan sponsors can learn more about SmartCare or request more information at www.dfwsmartcare.com  or  www.houstonsmartcare.com. You can also read more about the launch of SmartCare in DFW here.