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November 2021

Diabetes is costing Americans their health and lives and it’s putting a financial burden on the country’s healthcare infrastructure, including insurers. If you’re looking for a resource to help your members manage the health impacts of diabetes and to help your health plan manage the financial impacts of the disease on your bottom line, HealthSmart’s proprietary comprehensive Diabetes Education Course delivers proven results. Read more>>>

As an innovative industry leader, HealthSmart has a successful track record of helping self-funded health plans lower costs, maintain and improve quality outcomes, and enhance member satisfaction. Our SmartDecision Reference Based Pricing (RBP) Solution has been a foundational component of our approach to helping clients achieve these goals. Now SmartDecision is smarter than ever! Read more >>>

At best, open enrollment is challenging in normal times for all parties involved, employer plan sponsors and their members/employees. But these are not normal times. The pandemic has magnified the importance of helping members understand their benefits, so they select the most appropriate coverage to meet their specific needs. Working with hundreds of clients across the country, my team is seeing some definite trends developing as employers begin open enrollment. Read more >>>