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October 2022

The Value of Integrated Care

10/11/2022 3:18:29 PM

Timely, accurate administration of claims is a minimum expectation of a TPA. But plan sponsors today need more than timely and accurate. They need cost reduction strategies that apply to their specific group and deliver good clinical outcomes with high member satisfaction. As one of the largest TPAs in the country, with over 500 clients, we process $6 billion of health encounter claims every year. Every one of those encounters creates a data touchpoint. Read More>>>

One of the most important services you can provide to your self-insured health plan clients is helping them choose the right Third Party Administrator (TPA). Understanding your client’s specific requirements and objectives is critical to creating a win-win relationship between your client and the TPA.  For some health plans, basic claims adjudication is all they need. For others, a full-service TPA that offers a comprehensive menu of products and services is the ideal solution. Regardless, the right client/TPA match can be the difference between smooth sailing or stormy waters for your client’s operations and their covered members’ experience. Read More>>>