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Using Your HealthSmart Member ID Card

Simple to understand, simple to use

At HealthSmart, we think healthcare should be easy. That's why we've redesigned our Member ID cards with the member in mind. With our newly redesigned ID cards, you will find clear information on your healthcare coverage and details on how to access your health benefits information. Your providers will appreciate clear instructions on how to verify eligibility, submit claims and check claim status. Plus, if you ever lose your card or forget it when you have a doctor appointment, you can always access a digital card on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

HealthSmart Member ID Card - Front
The front of the ID card provides detailed information the member and provider need to utilize benefits:

  • Plan information, including the member name, Plan Sponsor name, Group and Member ID numbers and medical coverage copays.
  • The PPO Network is clearly identified with the network logo and contact information.
  • Clear information on how providers can check member eligibility and claim status, as well as where to submit claims.
  • Pharmacy Plan information, including contact information.

HealthSmart Member ID Card - Back
The back of the ID card provides additional information, depending on specific services and requirements from the plan sponsor. In this example, information is provided on the following:

  • Pre-certification requirements prior to inpatient admission.
  • Any secondary networks that may be used for out-of-network coverage.
  • Member services information, including how to access the Member Portal, the Member Services Contact Center and Telemedicine benefits from Teladoc.
  • This information may differ, depending on the plan sponsor's specific benefits or requirements. 

If you've lost your member ID card, not to worry!

You can always access a digital member ID card on your smartphone or computer by visiting the member portal at!