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Smart RxAssist

Smart RxAssist Is Your Prescription for Success.

Reduce your pharmacy spend and cut members’ high out-of-pocket costs

Every health plan is concerned about the crippling effect rising prescription drug prices have on the cost of providing benefits. High out-of-pocket copays are a financial burden on members and may deter them from complying with treatment recommendations, leading to poorer clinical outcomes, lower member satisfaction and higher overall plan costs.

HealthSmartRx (HSRx) has a solution that will help you tackle high specialty drug costs – Smart RxAssist – to both lower those member co-pays and reduce your plan’s overall spend on these medications.

Every day your members struggle with financial hardship because of co-pays for specialty drugs that must be infused. These co-pays often reach into the thousands of dollars. Most pharmaceutical companies offer some type of financial assistance or discount program to patients who qualify. But keeping up with this information is often difficult and confusing. That’s where Smart RxAssist can help.

Here’s How Smart RxAssist Works

Through Smart RxAssist, manufacturer financial assistance programs are used to cover the gap between actual shared prescription medication costs and patients’ co-payments. Our patient advocates help members with the program applications to ensure they get the maximum benefit available. Changes to the plan documents enable the plan sponsor to adjust the copayments to enable participation in these programs.
Smart RxAssist Targets More Than Nearly 600 Specialty Drugs

The HSRx database includes more than 400 specialty drugs when covered under the pharmacy benefit and 190 specialty drugs covered under the medical benefit.

Real Savings For You and Your Members

  • Plans can see overall savings of up to 15%

  • Member copayments are dramatically reduced, increasing the likelihood they will comply with treatment recommendations. Members get better outcomes and have a higher sense of satisfaction with their benefits

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