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Federal Black Lung Program

Manage claims, payments and medical care with the experts in Federal Black Lung

For coal miners, pneumoconiosis, more commonly known as black lung disease, continues to be a health risk.  The Federal Black Lung Program is a workers’ compensation program designed to compensate coal miners who suffer from black lung.

HealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions’ Federal Black Lung Program MachinesHealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions’ Federal Black Lung Program helps employers and their employees through the claims process should the unfortunate occur. We conduct thorough investigations to ensure our clients are responsible for claims, and that the claims are legitimate. We verify that any functional lung impairment is due to their employment.

Once claims are confirmed, we actively partner with medical providers to deliver the best care. When claims are accepted for payment, we make indemnity payments to the miners/dependents on behalf of our clients in a timely manner and within the regulatory time frames.

  • Facilitate the best care and manage payments for afflicted employees
  • Ensure claims are legitimate
  • Avoid unnecessary costs by offering an employer’s legal counsel only when necessary

HealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions has helped thousands of workers, their families and their employers work through the Federal Black Lung Program to provide the best outcomes possible for all involved.