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High Cost Specialty Drug Management

Better visibility and tools to manage medically billed specialty drugs

HSRx-Sidebar3.jpgPrescription drugs are the fastest growing component of healthcare spending in the US today. In particular, specialty drugs have become synonymous with complex conditions and high costs. In some cases, the cost is so high, members must make hard choices about their medications.

HealthSmartRx Solutions’ High Cost Drug Management (HCDM) program is designed to curb the spend on high cost specialty drugs. The HCDM program complements existing health benefit and PBM pharmacy programs. The program controls medical benefit pharmacy spend through focused pre-authorization, specialty pharmacy cost negotiation, voluntary co-pay assistance program fulfillment and rebate maximization.

  • Avoid wasteful specialty medical spending
  • Ensure safe and appropriate use of high-cost specialty drugs with utilization management
  • Validate claims against prior authorization and clinical norms
  • Secure deeper discounts and provide access to a greater number of limited distribution medications

Our program is the most unique in the industry by leveraging utilization oversight with strategies and programs to achieve deep discounts. Take control of the escalating costs of high cost specialty drugs with HealthSmartRx Solutions.

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