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High Cost Specialty Drug Management

Better visibility and tools to manage the cost of specialty drugs.

High Cost Specialty Drug Management Doctor and PatientPrescription drug prices are the single-biggest contributor to rising medical expenses. In particular, specialty drugs used to treat complex conditions are extremely costly. This can result in  members lacking the means to get the care they need.

HealthSmartRx Solutions helps curb spending on high-cost specialty prescription drugs. The program controls medical benefit pharmacy spend through focused pre-authorization, specialty pharmacy cost negotiation, voluntary co-pay assistance program fulfillment, and rebates.

HealthSmartRx Solutions offers the most effective High-Cost Drug Management Program by leveraging utilization oversight with strategies and targeted programs to deliver big discounts.

HealthSmartRx High-Cost Drug Management:

  • Eliminate wasteful specialty drug spending
  • Provide utilization management to ensure safe and appropriate use of high-cost specialty drugs
  • Validate against prior authorization and clinical norms
  • Secure deeper discounts

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