How We Help // Benefit Solutions

Plan Administration

Proven plan administration with comprehensive services to bend the healthcare cost curve

benefits-side.jpgWhile more and more employers are seeing the value and benefits of self-funded health plans, managing healthcare benefits is a daunting task. As the the premier third party admininstrator for self-funded plans, HealthSmart helps our clients lower costs and improve member outcomes. 

We help employers with as many as 150,000 employees as well as smaller companies with 200 employees. Regardless of size, our clients trust us to administer their self-funded health plan to save money and keep their team members healthy. 

Managing benefits has many moving parts that are essential for success. Unlike many other TPAs, HealthSmart is a one-stop shop for self-funded employers. 

  • Flexible, custom-built benefit plans to meet the needs of employers and their team members
  • Medical claims administration and payments
  • Cost containment review and software to detect fraud and abuse
  • Stop loss coverage to protect your self-funded plan in the event of catastrophic claims
  • US-based call centers in multiple time zones with well-trained representatives focused on service
Every employer is different with unique goals and requirements. That's why employers across the country rely on HealthSmart to provide all the services they need to successfully self fund their benefit programs.