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Most of us won’t soon forget 2021. For many, it was another year of hand washing, social distancing, masking, and staying home. Yet, even in the face of these seemingly unsurmountable challenges, our HealthSmart team pulled together to continue to provide innovative solutions and excellent service to our clients. Perhaps at no other time in our history has it been more important to deliver on our promise of treating our customers and our colleagues with dignity and respect. Read more>>>

Earlier this year, HealthSmart surveyed our health plan clients about their satisfaction with the quality of service we deliver to them and to their members. We are happy to report that respondents indicated a high degree of satisfaction with the service we provide to them. The highlight is a Net Promoter Score that ranks among the best. Read more>>>

Diabetes is costing Americans their health and lives and it’s putting a financial burden on the country’s healthcare infrastructure, including insurers. If you’re looking for a resource to help your members manage the health impacts of diabetes and to help your health plan manage the financial impacts of the disease on your bottom line, HealthSmart’s proprietary comprehensive Diabetes Education Course delivers proven results. Read more>>>

As an innovative industry leader, HealthSmart has a successful track record of helping self-funded health plans lower costs, maintain and improve quality outcomes, and enhance member satisfaction. Our SmartDecision Reference Based Pricing (RBP) Solution has been a foundational component of our approach to helping clients achieve these goals. Now SmartDecision is smarter than ever! Read more >>>

At best, open enrollment is challenging in normal times for all parties involved, employer plan sponsors and their members/employees. But these are not normal times. The pandemic has magnified the importance of helping members understand their benefits, so they select the most appropriate coverage to meet their specific needs. Working with hundreds of clients across the country, my team is seeing some definite trends developing as employers begin open enrollment. Read more >>>

There’s a good chance that you have either received a surprise bill for medical care, or that you know someone who has.  Surprise medical bills are not uncommon. Among privately insured patients, an estimated one in five emergency claims and one in six in-network hospitalizations include at least one out-of-network (surprise) bill.  Two-thirds of all bankruptcies filed in the United States are tied to medical expenses. Read More>>>

Innovation is a key part of our DNA here at HealthSmart, and it is central to our brand promise. In the past year or so, as the demand for flexibility and cost control has become more critical in the health benefits market, we’ve launched a couple of initiatives that are really raising the bar. Learn more>>>

Effective January 1, 2022, health plans will be required to post extensive plan pricing data, including cost-sharing details, in and out of network rates, as well as an online consumer pricing tool. Compliance is mandated at the plan level, so self-funded plans will be primarily responsible for compliance. Most plans, however, will rightly expect their TPA partners to support them with compliance. HealthSmart is committed to helping our clients prepare.  Read More>>>

Since its founding in 1988, Longwood, FL based Insurance Office of America (IOA) has become one of the largest, most successful privately owned independent insurance agencies in the U.S. When they set their strategy to grow their employee benefits division, they looked for a partner they could rely on. They went with HealthSmart.  Read more>>>

As the cost of health benefits continues to rise faster than the rate of inflation, many plan sponsors are looking for alternatives to traditional PPO networks. Plan sponsors want benefits administration partners that can deliver creative and comprehensive solutions that control costs while delivering high quality clinical outcomes and member satisfaction. SmartDecision, HealthSmart’s approach to Reference Based Pricing (RBP), offers a unique alternative. Read more>>>